PURE Supply Chain

PURE Supply Chain empowers organizations to improve transparency throughout their supply chains and build operational resiliency. Bring suppliers on board and engage with them through questionnaires, code of conducts, and audits to manage performance and ensure compliance.

PURE  Supply Chain

The PURE Supply Chain solution helps you to form a clear view of supplier compliance and provides you with tools to bring your suppliers on board, perform self-assessments and manage responses. You can use it to monitor all tiers of your supply chain, minimising the administrative burden. Your suppliers can in turn invite their own suppliers to create profiles and respond to relevant questionnaires.

In this way, you can create a ‘virtual’ network of suppliers. This is particularly helpful in avoiding the need to duplicate submissions. Once questionnaires are submitted, scores or rankings can be automatically assigned (in line with your scoring methodology) and, if necessary, you can produce and issue corrective action plans within the system.

In addition, you can use PURE Supply Chain to manage supplier relationships on an ongoing basis. The system provides tools for tracking and planning supplier visits and managing non-compliances.

Global organizations such as Marks & Spencer and Novo Nordisk have already chosen the PURE Supply Chain solution to make in-depth quantitative and qualitative assessments via intuitive dashboards. This helps them to pinpoint supply chain risks, work with suppliers to drive continuous improvement, build relationships and strengthen their business.


  • Assess, audit and manage suppliers
  • Collect a variety of information from suppliers, from codes of conduct surveys to environmental performance metrics
  • Significantly reduce the cost and complexity of collecting information from large and dynamic supply chains
  • Identify risk in the supply chain and manage corrective actions
  • Integrate multiple data sources to maintain a centralized, single point of truth
  • Summarize supplier performance and risks with intuitive dashboards

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