The Garbage Guzzler

In a world where food waste is an increasing problem, the Garbage Guzzler is the perfect solution: it takes any organic waste and turns it into compost or biofuel.

The Garbage Guzzler

The Garbage Guzzler

The Garbage Guzzler is an aerobic food waste digester which is capable of digesting up to 2,000 litres of food waste a week, reducing it in volume by up to 70 percent in 24 hours, and leaving an output that can be used as soil improver or biomass fuel.

Aerobic digestion, unlike anaerobic digestion, does not require specialist plants and takes place in air, which means having a digester on site is as easy as having a food waste bin. Simply open the machine, pour in the food and close it again. If it can go into a food waste bin, it can go into a Garbage Guzzler.

The Garbage Guzzler can help reduce waste, reduce vermin problems around waste areas and reduce the methane produced by rotting food, a greenhouse gas 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide. Carbon is trapped in the digestate and returned to the ground when it is used as a soil improver.

Enzymes are used inside the Garbage Guzzler to speed up the digestion process. These do not become active until they reach a temperature of 55 degrees within the machine. The enzymes actually sterilize the food waste, and work so quickly that they virtually eradicate all smells associated with decomposing food.

The enzymes rarely, if ever, need replacing or ‘topping up’, so you don’t need to stock them at your site. They are totally harmless and are safe to touch, so don’t cause a hazard if they are ever spilt outside the machine.

The machine does not use water to reduce waste, and other than condensation created during the heating process, there is no waste water created. This means there is no risk of blocked drains.

The Garbage Guzzler is available in two standard sizes, which take 1,000 and 2,000 litres of waste food a week. If your business produces more than this, we can provide larger machines. If you aren’t sure how much food waste you produce, we can conduct a site survey and discuss machines options with you.

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