Deregulation of the business water market.

Since April 1st the business water market in England has become deregulated. But what does it mean for your business?

Deregulation of the business water market.

What’s happening?

Everyone in the water industry is taking about water deregulation in England this year. But what does it mean for your business? Water deregulation in the UK is about removing barriers to competition and opening up the water retail market for non-domestic customers. This means that organisations in both England and Scotland will be able to shop around and choose their water supplier – no more being tied to your local supplier whether you like it or not.

Scotland became the first country in the world to deregulate its water market for non-domestic customers back in 2008. Many businesses in Scotland have changed supplier since then, and it is now estimated that businesses in Scotland could make savings of between 15% and 20% just by switching.

England followed in Scotland’s footsteps on 1st April 2017 giving businesses, charities and public sector organisations in England the same freedom to choose their water supplier.

For organisations in Wales and Northern Ireland there are currently no plans to follow England and Scotland into full deregulation of the business water market. That’s not to say there isn’t any competition in Wales however. Since 2003 very large water consumers – those who use over 50 million cubic litres per year – have been able to choose their retail water supplier if that retailer is based wholly or mainly in Wales. This threshold will remain.

What’s in it for me?

So if you’re an organisation in England or Scotland, why should you be interested in water deregulation? At Utilitywise we think that there are lots of opportunities for businesses of all sizes. For example:

Freedom to negotiate better deals

You’re free to choose a supplier that gives you the price that meets your needs, no matter where in England or Scotland you are, and where the supplier is.

Better customer service

We expect to see all water suppliers up their game when it comes to service. They all want to win your business and as we all know the customer is king!

Choice of multi-service bundles

We’ve helped thousands of Utilitywise customers to get great deals on their electricity, gas (and in Scotland, water too) for years, and we’re now able to combine all of these into special multi-utility bundles – get in touch to find out more.

One supplier for lots of locations

Let’s say you have 5 different sites, in 5 different parts of England. At the moment you’ll get 5 separate bills, each of which is from a supplier that you didn’t choose, giving you a level of service that you’re stuck with, and with no opportunity to change. Post 1st April, however, and it’s you that’s in control. You can move all of your sites to a single supplier of your choosing, simplifying every part of your water supply management.

Water deregulation is a great opportunity for businesses and now is the time to make your choices. Actively choosing a water supplier puts you in control, and we can help you make the right choices.

At Utilitywise we’re helping thousands of businesses to get a great deal on their electricity and gas (and in Scotland their water too), and we’ve been doing this for over 10 years. Let us help you be smarter with your business water and energy today.

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