Don't Splash Out - Switch Water Supplier

Small and big businesses are splashing out on water bills when they could change water supplier and get a share of £200 million worth of savings.

Don't Splash Out - Switch Water Supplier

Do you want to tap into lower business water rates?

On 1 April 2017, businesses were given the freedom to choose which water supplier to buy their water and wastewater services.

So far, Utilitywise has supported over 1,000 meter switches but there is still an estimated 1.2 million businesses that have not taken the opportunity to share in a pot of savings worth £200 million. So don’t splash out – let us help you change water supplier today!

Switching water supplier with Utilitywise has multiple benefits:

Lower water bills

We estimate businesses can save on average 10% on their water bills by switching supplier or re-negotiating a better deal with their current supplier. In a number of cases, we have seen even higher savings.

Easier billing

If you have multiple sites all of your bills will be consolidated into one bill from one supplier, meaning much less admin for you and only one type of bill to understand.

Better service

This is the first time you’ve had the opportunity to choose a supplier based on what matters to you, the open market will encourage suppliers to improve their overall service offering, not just price.

We can also help businesses save up to 25% on all their energy by bundling electricity, gas, and water together into one contract.


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