Fixed Energy Procurement - Businesses

Fixed Price Commercial Electricity & Gas Contracts.

Fixed Energy Procurement - Businesses

Spend less time managing your business energy and more time managing your business

Finding business energy contracts is a time-consuming activity – and we know that time could be better spent looking after your business. With hundreds of different tariffs on offer from dozens of suppliers, having a trusted advisor on your side to reduce uncertainty and help pick the right contract terms for your business will give you real peace of mind and save you time, money and hassle.

At Utilitywise, we pride ourselves on taking the hassle out of business energy procurement. We’ll negotiate with your energy supplier on your behalf and help you secure a fixed price energy contract that can give you budget certainty and help your financial planning.

The energy market is highly volatile, with ever-changing wholesale and non-commodity costs. As a result, many energy consumers prefer buying at a fixed price for a fixed time period, no matter how large or small their organisation. However, it’s important to understand whether all of your costs are fully fixed; not all non-commodity charges are fixed within a fixed price contract.

How Utilitywise can help

Securing a fixed price energy procurement contract through Utilitywise is simple. Whether you are a large commercial organisation or an independent high street retailer, Utilitywise can help. We can manage the entire energy procurement process on your behalf and help you secure your energy contracts. We then manage the switching process if necessary and then track your renewal dates to make sure we contact you with a new tariff once your contract is ready for renewal – this protects you from falling into out of contract or renewal rates which are many times higher than a standard price.

We can also fix your energy contracts for up to five years, up to twelve months in advance of your current contract end date. You could pay today’s prices for a significant period of time.

Special energy help for high energy consumers (2GWh per year consumption)

If your organisation consumes over 2GWh per year and prefers a simple fixed procurement contract over a flexible deal, we’ll assign an expert Procurement Analyst to manage your energy accounts and deliver an energy procurement service tailored to your individual needs and requirements. Our Procurement Analysts are highly trained and liaise with energy suppliers every day. We are renowned for negotiating contracts at the most opportune points in the market and our Procurement Analysts play a big part in the process. They can resolve any questions you may have about your energy contracts and always aim to give you peace of mind.

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