FixedFlex Energy Contracts

What is fixed flexible procurement? It's a business energy contract that you can change when market prices drop.

FixedFlex Energy Contracts

Fixed flexible procurement – welcome to FixedFlex from Utilitywise

What is fixed flexible procurement? It’s a business energy contract that you can change when market prices drop.

  • If the energy price increase you are protected.
  • If the energy price drops you can take advantage of the lower price.

You can re-fix your price during your contract, so you can take advantage of a falling market. The only requirement is that you extend your contract for at least a further 12 months whenever you re-fix your price in this way.

How our unique FixedFlex contract works for your business

  1. Utilitywise will find the FixedFlex contract that suits your business needs, handling all of the administration, paperwork and discussions with your existing supplier.
  2. Once your contract is up and running, we’ll contact you if energy prices fall and show you what your new lower rate will be.
  3. If you want to take advantage of the lower price, we will renew your contract on the new rate and extend it for a further 12-month period.
  4. FixedFlex also comes with our full account management service and your own Utility Management Plan to help you lower your energy use to save you even more money.

It adds a touch of flexibility to your fixed price contracts

It means you’ll always be able to access new rates for your electricity or gas if energy prices drop – adding a unique element of flexibility to your fixed price deal. You won’t have to wait until the end of your contract before you can access lower market prices.

With FixedFlex you can re-fix your price at any time before the end of your contract. The new price is calculated by blending your existing contract price with the new market rate that’s available. If you have also fixed your third-party charges as part of your contract, you can re-fix those whenever you agree a new electricity/gas price.

How you’ll know when energy prices drop

As a Utilitywise customer, you’ll have a dedicated account manager who will let you know when lower prices become available. We monitor the energy market constantly and work with energy suppliers every day.

You won’t miss out on lower energy prices with FixedFlex.

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