Get the Best Green Business Green Deal

Utilitywise will hunt high and low to get the best commercial sustainable and renewable energy deal for your business.

Get the Best Green Business Green Deal

Get the Best Green Energy Business Deal

Utilitywise will hunt high and low to get the best commercial green energy deal for your business.

Why switch to green energy?

Switching to green energy is good for the planet but for smaller firms it can also make it easier to win new business by showing your commitment to the environment.

Utilitywise will compare prices and work with many of the UK’s main energy suppliers to find you a green gas and/or electricity deal that will help you make a dent in your company’s carbon footprint.

Green energy suppliers provide energy from renewable sources, including gas from methane produced using bio-waste, such as crop cuttings, food waste and animal dung, and electricity from solar, wind or wave power and biogen.

We can also help you take steps to reduce your energy and water use, offering a powerful two-fold environmentally friendly solution.

Five benefits of green energy deals

  1. It’s easy. Shifting to commercial green energy contracts is one of the easiest ways to reduce your carbon footprint.
  1. Customers like it. Switching to green tariff for business sends a strong message to customers that you care about the environment, making them more likely to buy from you.
  1. Reputation enhancing. You can promote your carbon commitment not just to customers but also to employees and potential investors.
  1. Business winning. If you’re bidding for public-sector contracts, you may not be eligible unless you meet certain environmental preconditions. We can help you meet them.
  1. Money saving. You may be eligible for tax relief if your small business doesn’t use much energy or you could pay less tax by demonstrating you are operating more efficiently and producing less damaging waste.

Step one: put energy efficiency first

To get the full benefit of switching to a green deal energy supplier, improving your energy efficiency must come first.

Our free Utility Insight SmartDash monitoring and reporting system helps you achieve energy and water efficiencies by helping you become more energy conscious.

We can analyse what you’re using and where, so you can make savings. For example, heating and hot water can account for 60% of your businesses energy bill, visualising your energy consumption can help reduce your energy usage by around 10%.

We can also audit your electricity, gas and water use to help you lower your bills, realise future savings and improve your green credentials before you bid for a contract.

Learn more about how we can help you attract more customers by switching to a green energy supplier and reducing your energy and water consumption.

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