Introducing he Lowest Cost Integrated Energy Storage System Solution

Delivering a fully integrated ESS solution at an all in installed price of 400/kWh. Tested by EU and Global Utilities since 2003.

Introducing he Lowest Cost Integrated Energy Storage System Solution

Northern Power / Eos 500kW|2000kWh Energy Storage System (ESS)

  • €400/kWh Installed
  • Extremely Long Lived
  • 4 Hours Storage Duration
  • 100% Safe
  • Upto 10 Year Warranty
  • Available in 250kW, 500kW, 1000kW options


Northern Power Systems and Eos Energy Storage bring you an industry-leading, turnkey ESS solution that seamlessly integrates batteries, power conversion, and controls. The suite of integrated solutions combines the safe, ultra-low-cost Eos Aurora® DC battery system with Northern Power’s advanced energy storage inverter, controls, and engineering expertise, and provides 4 hours of usable energy using modular 250kW battery building blocks that are scalable for multi-MW applications.

“Batteries represent a significant portion of the performance and cost of an energy storage system. By using the Eos Aurora, we can deliver a fully integrated ESS solution at an all-in, installed price of less than £400/kWh with the quality, functionality and reliability that is characteristic of Northern Power. We believe this offering will allow more customers than ever to access the benefits of an on-site energy storage system.” - Chris McKay, Director of Sales, Northern Power Systems


The integrated ESS solution represents a cost effective solution for:

  • Utilities who want to provide relief in grid constrained areas, lower capacity payments, defer substation upgrades, and/or better integrate renewable energy.
  • Large commercial and industrial facilities looking to lower demand and peak energy charges, or provide resiliency against grid outages.
  • Behind-the-Meter demand management, time of-use, resiliency, back-up power, critical load support
  • Hybrid microgrids – remote/islanded operation, grid stability, black start, renewables utilization/ reduced fuel consumption.


NPS/Eos ESS 500kW|2000kWh

Northern Power's FlexPhaseTM power converter technology leverages a modular, compact, and efficient design that is easy to service. The platform allows for a wide range of DC voltages suitable for a variety of battery types. Northern Power’s proprietary Power Router™ controls allow for seamless transitions between grid and islanded operation, as well as black start capability. The grid-friendly design improves power quality and system stability.

The revolutionary Eos Aurora battery solution is powered by the company’s aqueous, zinc hybrid cathode (Znyth®) technology and offers game-changing cost and performance for a critical segment of the energy storage market. With a volume price of $160/kWh for the DC system and an expected life of 5,000 full depth-of discharge cycles, the Eos Aurora offers the best-fit solution for multi-hour energy storage applications.


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