The Planet Mark Webinar | Sustainability in Construction

Join The Planet Mark and special speakers Naomi Warr, Group Environmental Manager at McLaren Group, Adrian Shah-Cundy, Corporate Responsibility Director at VolkerWessels UK and Philippa Birch-Wood, Thrive Director at Chetwoods as we discuss the importance of sustainability in construction and the role of third-party verification in creating ambitious targets to reduce carbon emissions.

The Planet Mark Webinar | Sustainability in Construction

The built environment contributes approximately 40% of the UK’s total carbon footprint. We are at a critical time in climate change when organisations must embed environmental awareness in all activities, both in reducing carbon emissions associated with business operations and adopting efficient initiatives on construction sites.

Members of the Planet Mark are advancing the sustainability agenda by implementing tangible goals and measures behind their commitments. By measuring and assessing against robust criteria companies are able to fully understand and improve their true environmental, social, and economic impact. Sign up today.

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