The Planet Mark Webinar: The Power of Individual Action

At The Planet Mark, we believe that harnessing the best of people, technology and nature can drive real change. By engaging employees in sustainability and embedding it in the heart of daily work life and company operations, it can transform a strategy on paper into measurable carbon reductions.

The Planet Mark Webinar: The Power of Individual Action

The Power of Individual Action

As businesses continue to build back better in the new economy, stakeholder engagement has the power to ignite a greater level of commitment to sustainability programmes and ultimately accelerate action.

Join Hermione Taylor, Co-founder and Director at Do Nation, Dr Paula Owen, Founder and CEO at Eco Action Games and Jo Comotto, Director of Search Experience at Incubeta as we discuss how best to inspire, empower and engage employees to drive a truly effective sustainability strategy.

About The Series:

The Planet Mark webinars deepen knowledge and understanding about the major influences and challenges facing us environmentally, socially and economically. Joining forces with exemplar industry voices, Make Your Mark touches on a variety of subjects including carbon measurement, social data, employee engagement and progress communication.Sign up to our newsletter for webinar alerts

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