SUEZ Environnement: ready for the resource revolution

"To protect the future, we promote a more efficient use of our resources: optimize processes, create new alternatives for water resources, and transform today's waste into tomorrow's resources. In the growth model of the circular economy, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT is a leading player. We position ourselves as a partner for cities and industry to support them in making the most of their resources. Against this backdrop, there is a significant opportunity for the Group to develop". - SUEZ Environnement Sustainable Development Report

SUEZ Environnement: ready for the resource revolution

As an expert in water and waste for 150 years and present on 5 continents, SUEZ harnesses all its capacity for innovation to work toward efficient and sustainable resource management.
Starting in 2015, SUEZ decided to roll-out several energy efficiency initiatives at all Belgian sites to contribute to its corporate ambition: leading the resource revolution. Installing connected lighting is one of these initiatives. This allows SUEZ to maximize energy savings and to reduce CO2 emissions significantly, now and in the future.

Zero upfront investment
SUEZ chose an ESCO construction instead of upfront investment. This has resulted in a positive cash flow from day one as a part of the achieved energy savings is used to pay the costs of the new connected lighting system. The other part is pure profit. These savings are accomplished by optimum use of the large amount of daylight entering the waste processing areas, combined with a wide range of other lighting controls strategies.

Worry-free lighting
SUEZ and ORKA agreed to a 10-year maintenance contract. Based on luminaire status provided by Luxon dynamic light management software, issues are diagnosed and resolved as necessary. This ensures SUEZ of always having the right light, at the right place, under all circumstances.


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