SUEZ Environnement: ready for the resource revolution

"To protect the future, we promote a more efficient use of our resources: optimize processes, create new alternatives for water resources, and transform today's waste into tomorrow's resources. In the growth model of the circular economy, SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT is a leading player. We position ourselves as a partner for cities and industry to support them in making the most of their resources. Against this backdrop, there is a significant opportunity for the Group to develop". - SUEZ Environnement Sustainable Development Report

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Carbon Air Filters for Museums and GalleriesAAC Eurovent specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of Carbon Air Filters for Museum and Galleries. Our high-performance solutions are based on the proven AAC Phoenix, a specialist impregnated Activated Carbon, designed to target and eliminate SO2 and NOx from both incoming air supplies an
Carbon Air Filters for Food Processing Plants and Blood TanksWe manufacture a full range of Carbon Filter products designed to deliver effective VOC and Odour Control in Food Processing and Blood Tank applications.
Activated Carbon for Odour Control Projects in Commercial Kitchen Extraction SystemsAAC Eurovent hold extensive stocks of competitively priced coal and coconut based Activated Carbon for Odour Control applications in Commercial Kitchens Extraction Systems.
Carbon Air Filters for Solvent Fume RemovalOur competitively priced Carbon Air Filters efficiently remove organic and inorganic odour and VOCs in a range of substances including: Toluene, Methyl ethyl, Ketone and Acetic Acid.
Carbon Air Filters for Odour Control in Waste Recycling and Waste Transfer StationsThe AAC 2-Pass Swiftpack System is a bespoke filter built to effectively control Odour and Dust in Waste Recycling and Waste Transfer Stations.
Carbon Air Filters for Kitchen Ductwork SystemsWe offer a full range of plastic refillable Carbon Air Filters designed to control odour in Commercial kitchen ductwork systems.
Activated Carbon for High Performance Odour Control in Commercial KitchensAAC Eurovent offer a full range of coal and coconut based Activated Carbon suitable for use in Commercial Kitchen projects
Carbon Filter Systems for Commercial KitchensAAC Eurovent use the latest technology to design, manufacture and supply high-performance Carbon Filters Systems for Commercial Kitchens.

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