Luxon Cloud: connected light management

Making the step to LED lighting has become a logical step towards more sustainable business practices as it usually cuts your energy usage in half. Connecting them to a smart online management platform which consolidates all your locations into one domain will multiply that effect, resulting in savings up to 85%. That's what we call a quick win in achieving corporate environmental goals.

Luxon Cloud: connected light management

On top of better energy management, connected lighting gets smarter over time and cuts your operational expenses in half based on realtime energy consumption and performance data. This allows users to make highly informed ecisions and further improvements, leading to ptimized energy savings, efficiently executed maintenance and preventive action.

Light management made easy

Nedap provides the most efficient and easiest-to operate light management system in the industry.

From this point you will always have real-time insight into your lighting system performance; by location, by section, by luminaire, by the hour or even by money spent. We will provide you with the easiest dashboard and show you how to save even more, by looking closely at your business’
processes and needs.



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