Driving EH&S and Sustainability Performance Metrics

See how a global company digitized their EHS&S key performance indicators (KPIs) to improve their operational leadership engagement and save multiple weeks of productivity every year.

Driving EH&S and Sustainability Performance Metrics

While this global manufacturer makes an annual revenue of close to €7 billion and is also recognized as a market leader, they still saw the potential for improvement in their EHS initiative. They came to Gensuite with specific needs; those included being able to establish KPIs across all global sites to optimize corporate performance metrics and streamline the process of collecting and managing data.

With Gensuite Incidents & Measurements, this global manufacturer is now able to:

·        Deploy customized company reporting metrics

·        Record employee work hours for frequency and severity rates

·        Utilize robust follow-up procedures

·        Work seamlessly between desktop and Mobile versions of the application


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