Integrating EHS After a Major Business Merger & Acquisition with Gensuite

Implementing EHS after a merger & acquisition requires a thoughtful strategy, and the larger the acquisition, the more difficult that can become. So, when a Fortune 500 company with over 300 global sites was faced with this hurdle, they came to Gensuite to help them with the 12-month transition.

Integrating EHS After a Major Business Merger & Acquisition with Gensuite

During this transitional period, the company needed to maintain sight on multiple responsibilities. They needed to provide the appropriate training to all of their global sites, transition their data from legacy systems, as well as stay in constant communication with their stakeholders. With Gensuite, these goals were met with our four-part training program that successfully integrated and launched Gensuite EHS applications.

The steps that the Fortune 500 global company went through to reach EHS excellence included:

·        Comprehensive training preparation and planning

·        Phase 1 to kickoff and introduce core EHS application

·        Phase 2-3 to introduce application in order of priority

·        Phase 4 for follow-up sessions and extended training reviews

·        All with site-specific support with in-person or Webinar training


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