Transitioning to a Globally Harmonized System

The bigger your company gets, the bigger the chance there is that sites will begin to adopt different chemical communications strategies, especially if these sites are global. When a pharmaceutical company, recognized globally and with over 10,000 employees, wanted to harmonize their chemical communications strategy, they came to Gensuite.

Transitioning to a Globally Harmonized System

The publicly traded pharmaceutical company needed to deploy a comprehensive HazCom and chemical management system across all of their 23 global sites. They would need training, implementation support and information that would be easily accessible to all employees regarding the changeover of 8,000 chemicals. The solution that met all the needs of the pharmaceutical company was the Gensuite Safety Data Sheet (SDS) System.

Using the SDS System application, the Gensuite subscriber was able to:

·        Provide all employees with 190,000 up-to-data SDSs

·        Apply precautionary labels and hazard statements to chemicals according to the United Nations GHS standard

·        Utilize both desktop and Mobile capabilities with integrated QR code scanning functionality


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