Chemical Management Made Simple with Gensuite Software

When dealing with potentially hazardous chemicals, tasks like labeling and reporting are of utmost importance to maintain workplace safety and compliance as outlined by regulatory standards such as OSHA's Hazard Communication (HazCom) standard.

Chemical Management Made Simple with Gensuite Software

Chemical compliance and reporting can be complicated as requirements and regulations are constantly evolving. How can your company overcome these challenges? Utilize a suite of software applications for chemical labeling processes, regulatory analysis and reporting, Safety Data Sheet (SDS) maintenance, and environmental/product compliance.

To manage potential chemical hazards and risks, Gensuite offers software that simplifies chemical management. Gensuite’s easy to use interface helps you maintain regulatory compliance requirements, effectively manage hazards communications, as well as maintain the safety of your workers.

Benefits and Features of Gensuite Chemical Management Software:

·      Access to 190,000+ up-to-date Safety Data Sheet (SDS) repository

·      Manage a customizable workflow

·      Track inventory from order to onsite use

·      Easily integrate with other Gensuite software applications like Airlog and Safety Risk Assessment

·      Seamless integration from desktop to Mobile for simplified reporting and HazCom maintenance


Are you interested in what Gensuite’s Chemical Management software can do for your organization? Check out the following resources to get started!

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