ISO 14001: Navigating & Implementing Environmental Management Standards

The ISO 14001: 2015 is a standard that lays out what's required of an environmental management system. The goal is to help an organization improve their sustainability, reduce waste, save money, and overall gain a competitive advantage.

ISO 14001: Navigating & Implementing Environmental Management Standards

Because of the complexity and scope of this plan, Gensuite has a free white paper that dives into the facets that make up ISO 14001, specifically the latest 2015 version that was updated in response to the latest trends of environmental management. Some of the changes we can see in the 2015 update include factoring both internal and external elements into overall environmental impact, voluntary agreements that limit resource consumption, as well as supplying verification of corrective actions.

The ISO 14001: 2015 White Paper also includes many topics such as:

·        Benefits of ISO 14001

·        How your company can get ISO 14001 certified

·        What Gensuite can do to help maintain certification

·        Useful Gensuite software solutions



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