Integrated Digital Solutions for Waste Management & Compliance Excellence

For companies producing waste, and those responsible for its recovery or disposal, building an integrated waste management program is essential to minimise the burden of paperwork, ensure peace-of-mind from compliance, and drive continual improvements for performance reporting.

Integrated Digital Solutions for Waste Management & Compliance Excellence

Integrated, Digital Waste Management & Compliance

With an integrated, standardised workflow for managing waste, waste management organisations and waste producers can manage compliance and improve performance with ease.

How Gensuite Can Help Overcome Challenges & Accelerate Performance


  • Ensuring compliance to permit limits
  • Managing reoccurring licence renewals and tasks
  • Document control for auditing and  traceability
  • Improved transparency to compliance ensuring reputational excellence


  • Undertaking regular inspections to ensure adherence to safe procedures
  • Controlling action assignment for corrective and preventative measures


  • Real-time recycling and recovery performance for sustainability reporting
  • Driving continual improvement and best practice

Outcomes of Gensuite's Solution

  • Improved operational efficiency generating time and cost savings
  • Demonstrable compliance procedures, streamlining processes
  • Improved insight and control for risk management 
  • State-of-the-art performance reporting through Tableau® 
  • Enhanced community and stakeholder reputation and peace-of-mind

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