Our smallest model - the OG15, also known as the Baby ORCA, can aerobically process an average of 6 KG of food waste per hour, or, 30 or less covers per hour.


W810mm x D580mm x H1080mm

150 KG per day

Can divert up to 65.7 tons of food waste per year from the landfill

ORCA is an expertly crafted technology with food-grade stainless steel construction.

Food waste is added regularly to achieve maximum digestion capacity. ORCA utilizes ORCA Biochips to house our proprietary microorganism solution that digests your food waste.

Each model is equipped with onboard scales. These allow you to track the weight of every piece of food you put into your ORCA. The scale data is then tracked and compiled in the ORCA Portal, a personalized dashboard that will allow you to analyze real-time data, and create custom reports.

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