Hydrogen vs Electric Cars - Which Is the Best?

With an increasing amount of headlines and column inches given over to climate change, air quality and our own carbon footprint, many Londoners - both private residents and commercial fleet operators - are rethinking their transportation situation. Petrol and diesel engines (especially the latter) are widely acknowledged as one of the biggest sources of urban pollution, so it's only logical to explore greener alternatives. The advent of the electric vehicle (EV) has made huge ripples in the transport industry, with almost 15,000 plug-in EVs registered in London by May 2018. That's a massive increase from just five years previous, when the number was less than 1,500. At the same time, hydrogen vehicles have enjoyed a surge in popularity of late and 180 hydrogen-fuelled vehicles are currently being rolled out across the private sector this year in London, Paris and Brussels, with the Metropolitan Police and Green Tomato Cars both adding a significant number of Toyota Mirai to their fleets. But between electric and hydrogen cars, which is better?

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