Benchmarking boosts recycling with substantial cost savings

SUEZ services more than 80 sites for a leading international hotel brand, which has been our partner for more than five years. As part of our ongoing programme of continuous service improvement, the team analyses data from across its estate and benchmarks performance to identify sites with unfulfilled potential.

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Our Media:Carbon and Sulfatreat and JasorbAt Higgins and Hewins Ltd we stock a range of Media types to meet customer needs. Our most popular selling media being Jasorb P-8 and Carbon L-65 which is our standard carbon. Our G-15 media is also popular with its Alumina substrate content to remove Hydrogen Sulphide as all our 'P' Range media
Skeleton Frames for Odour Control in Commercial Kitchen Extraction Systems with Air Handling UnitsThe AAC Skeleton Frame is designed to enable the AAC PR range of carbon filters to be quickly and easily installed into the air handling unit of smaller kitchen extraction systems.
Commercial Kitchen Extraction and the AAC Colourcell Media Filter SystemThe AAC Colourcell Media Filter System is designed for use in commercial kitchen extraction systems where carbon filters are installed for odour control and grease reduction.
Activated Carbon for Odour Control in Commercial Kitchen Extraction SystemsAt AAC Eurovent, we hold vast stocks of high-quality coal and coconut based activated carbon for odour control applications in commercial kitchen extraction systems.
Odour Control for Commercial Kitchen Extract Canopies and Ductwork – Ozone GeneratorsThe Xtract series of high-performance ozone generators are tested to the EN13725:2003 standard and are designed to deliver effective odour control and grease reduction in commercial and industrial kitchen extract canopies and ductwork systems in a single unit.
Odour Control for Kitchen Ductwork SystemsThe AAC Swiftpack System incorporates the AAC PR range of Carbon Filters into a compact housing that delivers a high-performance odour control for new or existing ductwork systems.
Odour Control Systems for Commercial Kitchen Extraction Air Handling Units (AHUs)The AAC Swiftkit System is designed to enable air handling unit manufacturers to install the AAC PR range of carbon filters into their commercial kitchen air handling units.

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