Designing cost-saving environmental systems with Vector Aerospace

Vector Aerospace is a global leader in aerospace maintenance, repairing and overhauling turbine engines, components, fixed and rotary-wing aircrafts. SUEZ recycling and recovery UK has provided waste and resource management services to Vector Aerospace Helicopter Services at their site in Fleetlands, Hampshire since September 2008.

Designing cost-saving environmental systems with Vector Aerospace

The mission

SUEZ provides various services tailored to the needs and schedules of Vector Aerospace’s Fleetlands site, ensuring that effective solutions are provided for segregated material streams, such as glass and wood. In addition to this, SUEZ manages general waste collections – all with minimal impact on day-to-day operations.

Due to the nature of the activities carried out at the site, additional materials classified as hazardous waste require separate disposal at specialised licensed facilities. These include cloths impregnated with chemicals, as well as aerosols, cans and other containers with residues of paint, adhesives, varnishes and resins.

Previously, these different waste types and containers had been collected together for disposal. The resulting service was costly and required weekly collections from site.

The solution

SUEZ designed a new, streamlined and cost-effective regime for hazardous waste, and guidance for Vector Aerospace on establishing a suitable internal bin arrangement which facilitates source segregation and a ‘right waste, right place’ approach.

Change management was a key part of the process, as the previous regime had been in place for some time. Education and employee engagement are essential and are a crucial part of the service that SUEZ provides.

The results

By implementing a system which separates the different materials at source, the following benefits were achieved:

  • The frequency of collections decreased significantly and continue to improve, reduced from every seven working days to every 12 or 13 working days.
  • Associated reduction in carbon footprint due to the reduction in transportation.
  • Waste segregation ensured the optimum treatment opportunities (including recycling where relevant) for the different material streams.
  • Segregation also gave greater visibility of individual waste streams helping inform future procurement decisions.
  • Treatment and disposal costs have reduced by more than 50%.

This successful outcome was achieved through a close working relationship between Vector Aerospace and SUEZ, and understanding the processes. SUEZ created a bespoke solution for Vector Aerospace and collaborated with the site’s waste operatives and associated management in the new process in order to ensure successful implementation and ongoing behavioural change.

“We continue to enjoy a good relationship with SUEZ – we have worked well together for many years. By providing us with an effective waste and resource management service, they have contributed to our corporate priority to be good neighbours, as well as assisting us in our aim to achieve continuous environmental improvement.

We look forward to working together in the future on new ideas and processes to achieve cost savings, waste prevention and minimisation and ongoing reduction in non-recyclable waste.”

– Andrew Brown, Facilities Manager, Vector Aerospace, Fleetlands

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