Leading tyre manufacturer diverts rubber from landfill and increases recycling

SUEZ recycling and recovery UK has worked closely with a leading tyre manufacturer in the south west to provide innovative solutions for the disposal of rubber and other waste materials. SUEZ and the manufacturer aim to continuously reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill to minimise the manufacturer's impact on the environment.

Leading tyre manufacturer diverts rubber from landfill and increases recycling

The mission

To establish an alternative disposal method for rubber

Rubber, a key component in the manufacturing process, is known to be a very problematic material to recycle. In 2009, the ‘Quality Protocol for Tyre-derived Rubber Materials’ outlined that rubber is to be categorised as a product and not as a waste, meaning waste regulations no longer apply. This legislative change presented a challenge for this environmentally-conscious, leading global competitor in the tyre industry.

The solution

Together, the manufacturer and SUEZ utilise best practices to improve efficiency at the facility, whilst successfully maintaining compliance.

Through substantial investment and research, SUEZ established alternative solutions to landfill for the disposal of rubber. SUEZ sourced and developed relationships with recycling outlets within Europe that were willing to accept this material, helping the customer to meet their goal of improving environmental targets.

In addition to finding an alternative route for disposal, SUEZ’s integrated solutions team worked closely with the team on site to introduce a new tool, which will help to further minimise their rubber waste. Through changing the rubber cutting process, they will ensure that even less waste is being produced during the manufacturing process.

The results

The total amount of waste sent to landfill has decreased by 56% since 2015, together with the benefit of increased recycling rates.

Since April 2016, a further 196 tonnes of rubber waste, that historically would have been sent to landfill, is now being recycled.

The manufacturer’s operations have grown significantly since the contract first began in 2011, increasing their manufacturing productivity. By working closely with SUEZ throughout the process, they have managed their waste streams efficiently and have benefitted from no increases to their overhead costs associated with their waste management.

Having a recycling and waste management supplier that understands the business and its unique needs can help to deliver incremental improvements and ensure operational efficiency, without disruption to business operations.

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