Putting Merseyside's waste to good use at Wilton energy-from-waste facility

The Wilton energy-from-waste facility, located on Teesside, generates energy using waste from across Merseyside and Halton that cannot be recycled (residual waste).

Putting Merseyside's waste to good use at Wilton energy-from-waste facility

The mission

To provide an energy recovery service for residual waste from households across Merseyside and Halton.

Merseyside Energy Recovery Limited (MERL) was appointed by Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority (MRWA) to treat this residual waste, diverting it from landfill and saving council tax payers’ money.

The MERL consortium consists of three companies – SUEZ recycling and recovery UK, Sembcorp Utilities UK and I-Environment Investments Ltd.

SUEZ is the operator of the Wilton energy-from-waste facility.

Our solution

SUEZ developed a rail transfer loading station in Knowsley, Merseyside, to transport the residual waste by train to the Wilton energy-from-waste facility.

SUEZ began operating the state-of-the-art recovery facility in December 2016. It is capable of generating up to 50 megawatts of electricity – sufficient to power more than 63,000 homes.

Steam generated from the waste recovery process is also made available at three different pressures to industries on the Wilton International Industrial Estate.

The results

The Wilton energy-from-waste facility is self-sufficient in terms of its steam and electricity needs. It plays an important role in contributing to the steam and power needs of the surrounding businesses and manufacturing processes.

Approximately 50% of the steam generated at the facility is used by the businesses on the industrial estate. Providing energy as steam rather than electricity is more efficient, which means that more energy can be recovered from the waste. This energy is supplied to Sembcorp for distribution on site in accordance with the needs on any given day.

The residual steam is used to generate electricity which can be distributed to businesses on the industrial estate or fed into the National Grid.

The Wilton energy-from-waste facility enables household waste to be diverted from landfill and instead be put to good use – more than 127,000 tonnes of carbon emissions will be saved each year compared with landfilling. The site provides an invaluable resource in providing an energy substitute for fossil fuel, thereby also creating important savings in greenhouse gas emissions.

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