Demand Side Response

Demand Side Response - or DSR for short - can deliver both savings and revenue. That's why it's fast becoming an essential part of energy management best practice.

Demand Side Response

What is Demand Side Response?

As we now commit to a lower-carbon future, more renewable and decentralised generation is coming online. There is also growing demand for electricity, as cars and heating start to move away from petrol, gas and oil.

To accommodate these changes, a smarter grid is starting to emerge, with more flexibility to facilitate a two-way flow – so that supply doesn’t just meet demand, but demand can also adjust to supply.

By reducing demand at peak times – or switching instead to on-site generation – businesses can become part of the solution to balancing supply and demand, without the system operators having to resort to using standby fossil-fuel generation.

What are the benefits of Demand Side Response?

Reduce costs: Avoid rising non-commodity charges when consuming electricity during peak periods from the grid.

Earn income: Generate revenue through wholesale market access while providing ancillary services to National Grid/

Security of supply: Greater resilience from secure and tested back-up power. Future proof against future cost increases.

Environmental benefits: Helps the UK reduce dependence on fossil fuels by facilitating flexibility to support growth in wind and solar generation.

The Solution:

Demand management flexibility

As part of our Energy HQ proposition, we can offer you effective demand management support that not only delivers cost savings, but can also enhance your security of supply while allowing you to maintain complete control.

·       Complexity simplified – our experts can manage and automate all DSR activity on your behalf (but only ever with your full agreement)

·       No conflicting contracts – as both an energy supplier and DSR provider, we ensure you do not breach supply terms

·       Maintain supply continuity – with no interruption to your business

·       Support for investment – we can help with business case development and advise on future regulation implications

·       Aggregation service – where applicable, access National Grid balancing schemes that may normally be outside of scope, via our aggregation service

·       Performance updates – we keep you informed of market behaviour and the savings achieved, as well as new opportunities

For more information on any aspect of DSR – or to find out how your business can benefit – please contact the DSR team at or by calling 0800 193 6866 . If you an existing customer please contact your Client Lead.

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