Energy HQ

Energy HQ brings together cutting-edge tools, services and experts to help your business to optimise energy consumption, generate revenue and reduce costs like never before.

Energy HQ

Energy HQ

When it comes to energy, our customers tell us that increasing costs and future security of supply are important concerns for them. Indeed, as the UK’s energy infrastructure adapts to accommodate more low-carbon and decentralised generation – with a raft of new policies and regulation to support this – so the amount we spend on energy is set to almost double by 2030.

As a result, there has never been a more pressing time to review how you buy, use and manage energy. Thankfully, new technologies and approaches now provide plenty of tools to fully optimise all aspects of energy within your business.

We also work with many large consumers keen to embrace the new opportunities emerging from our changing energy market. For example, generating your own energy on-site, utilising Demand Side Response technologies or earning revenue from participating in National Grid’s balancing schemes.

Energy HQ: The next generation of Energy Management

Energy HQ is a dynamic new energy management concept that’s been created to give businesses a service which truly has everything an energy professional could need ‘under one roof’.

It brings together expertise, tools and technologies in all the key areas of effective energy management – from purchasing effectively to consuming transparently; from

maximising efficiencies to reducing costs via active demand management. Our aim is to help equip your business with a holistic and fully-integrated strategy that covers your energy and risk management requirements end-to-end.

Energy HQ is not a formula – there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution – but rather a tailor-made approach to creating a strategy that’s right for your business’s individual needs.

Ultimately, Energy HQ is about optimising your whole energy journey – today, tomorrow and into the future.

Energy HQ has a full range of energy services under one roof:

  • Flexible transacting and risk management

Our award-winning Optimisation Desk is an integral part of Energy HQ and supports your flexible energy buying/selling requirements, as well as providing expert market intelligence and access to a useful range of risk management services.

  • Demand management

We deliver in-house Demand Side Response (DSR) services that integrate with your energy supply and generation in order to maximise your revenue streams.

  • Effective energy management

From real-time monitoring via sub-meters and energy management software to identifying and then implementing ways to reduce consumption, we can optimise your complete energy management journey.

  • Behavioural change and education

To embed energy best practice throughout your workforce, we provide specialist education via our Energy Management Qualifications, plus support for ISO50001 accreditation. Our unique Carbon Psychologists can also deliver behavioural change that’s tailored to the specific mindsets and motivations of your teams.

We hope you find this information informative and inspiring. The next step would be to discuss how we can tailor our Energy HQ propositions to create a strategy to save your business money, so do please contact our Energy HQ team to find out more at or via or by calling  0800 193 6866 

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