Accuvio Survey Tool

Accuvio Surveys is an ESG and Sustainabilty specific survey and online questionnaire module.



Accuvio Surveys is an ESG and Sustainabilty specific survey and online questionnaire module. As part of the Accuvio suite, it enjoys the same high levels of data security, and comes pre-loaded with commonly used surveys for employee commuting, supplier engagement, supplier benchmarking and gathering data from infrequent data contributors. This allows organisations to establish appropriate reporting boundaries, build performance leaderboards for internal sites and suppliers and many other insightful initiatives.


Asking colleagues to login to a system only once or twice per year for some types of ESG data can be alot of effort for little return. Accuvio prefers to survey those contributors instead, and that captured data automatically flows into the main dataset. No software training id required on “yet another system”, just simple straightforward questions and answers.


For many, Scope 3 data can be quite elusive, and furthermore, can be meaningless at site level as much of the data is often aggregated from financial data sources centrally. An employee commuting survey can provide not only an awareness link to each employee on the sustainability agenda, but also provides valuable insights into the commuting habits of specific sites which can lend itself nicely to other areas of interest such as employee wellbeing, quality of life, and insights in to employee retention rates.


Perhaps the most common weakness for many organisations is its level of meaningful engagement with its supply chain. The Accuvio survey module comes equipped with templates for you to start that engagement journey, and ease your supplier into the concept of providing such information gradually increasing over time.


By allocating scores to specific options, as the responses come back they are automatically scored and ordered accordingly. This can be used to great effect to identify the strong and weak suppliers to mitigate risk in your supply chain and offer assistance to key suppliers. It can also be used to identify and reward internal sites for their active contribution to the organisations sustainability goals that would otherwise go 

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