Accuview UV254nm instrument reporting % UVT

The Accuview is a flow through instrument used to continuously monitor potable water and control UV disinfection processes.

Accuview UV254nm instrument reporting % UVT

PPM distributed the HF Accuview UVT instrument within the UK. The instrument is installed to continuously monitor and control the UV sterilisation process at potable water production facilities.

The instrument is simple, compact and easy to operate and maintain.

The Accuview model uses flow through measurement technology and incorporates a LED emitting UV light at 254nm. The transmission through the sample is measured and reported by the instrument as % transmission. The suspended solids and dissolved chemistry absorbs the light affecting the percentage transmission.

The %UVT is continuously reported on the instrument and output for control purposes.The instrument design uses a pressurised system to keep entrained air in solution and to provide a fast speed of response. The flow through cuvette can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement.

The tactile keypad allows for simple operator interaction with the intuitive menu.

A similar designed instrument (microtol) and MTOL+ are also available for nephlometric turbidity measurement.


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