Chemitec 50 series with S480 UV Organics sensor

The Chemitec 50 series with S480 Organics sensor is designed for waste water monitoring of dissolved organics such as TOC using UV absorption measurement

Chemitec 50 series with S480 UV Organics sensor

The Chemitec 50 Series controller and S480 UV sensor is distributed in the UK by PPM and is designed for continuous water quality measurement of waste water. 

The 50 series controller is available for two or four sensor connection and interfaces with the digital sensor which can be directly mounted into the effluent channel. Alternatively the sensor may be mounted into a flow cell or a sample break tank available from PPM. 

The 50 series controller provides a local display, data recording, USB data transfer and outputs to telemetry. 

The sensor uses a UV light absorption technique and the path length can be changed to accommodate different measurement ranges and increased sensitivity at low concentrations. A version reporting nitrate concentrations is also available.

The robust sensor is fully submersible and is provided with a 10.0m cable as standard. Longer cable and extensions are also available. 

PPM can also provide automatic air cleaning to minimise maintenance and sample acquisition system where in-situ measurement can not be performed.  

Additional sensors to measure nitrate, DO, pH, conductivity, turbidity, MLSS suspended solids and temperature may also be connected to the 50 series controller. 

The sensors are very versatile. They may be immersed directly into a channel or tank. Alternatively the sensors may be mounted into a dedicated flow cell or small tank if there are more than one sample to receive a pressurised feed or pumped sample. 

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