OFD - Oil Film Detector

The OFD is a non-contact detection system used to identify floating oil films.

OFD - Oil Film Detector

The Oil Film Detection system is manufactured by PPM in the UK and is installed to identify the pressence of floating oil films on a water surface.

The instrument is typically deployed to measure the qulaity of surface water dischargeed to a local course draining from areas of hard standing such as carparks, roads and from Airports.


The instrument uses a non-contact laser to measure the reflectance of the water surface. If oil is pressent, a visibale traces, the instrument provide an alarm output which can be used to control a isolation valve to prevent release to a local water course.


The instrument can also be used to measure discharge of colling water from turbines which can be affected by the release of lubricating oils.

Additionally, installations have been made to protect water abstrraction from rivers at water and drink production sites which can otherwise be affected by release of hydrocarbons.

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