Realtech M3000 on-line % UVT analyser

The Realtech M3000 on line UVT instrument continually reports the % UVT so the UV sterilisation process may be automatically controlled.

Realtech M3000 on-line % UVT analyser

Realtech instruments are installed to control the UV sterilisation process to ensure the correct intensity of UV sterilisation is achieved according to strict regulations.

The % transmission is affected by the amount of chemical contamination in particular organic species and the amount of suspended solids within the sample.

The analogue output (4-20mA signal) from the M3000 instrument may be connected to a PLC to control the intensity of UV light used to treat and sterilise potable water.

The instrument is provided in a surface mount enclosure proving ingress protection to IP65 and integrates a local display with tactile keypad.

The instrument compares two separate absorption measurements using a 10 and 20mm path-length (at 254nm wavelength) which minimises the effect of calibration drift and the effect of cuvette fouling, should it occur.

Automatic acid cleaning is available as a cost option to removing fouling and reduce manual intervention.

Realtech also manufacture a portable P200 instrument which can be used to verfiy the on-line analyser and calibrate if necesssary.


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