TriOS NanoFlu flourometers

NanoFlu fluorometers are low-priced, submersible miniaturized; fluorometers for highly precise and selective measurement;of CDOM (colored dissolved organic matter, yellow substances), chlorophyll A or phycocyanin in cyanobacteria.

TriOS NanoFlu flourometers

NanoFlu fluorometers are low-priced, submersible miniaturized fluorometers for highly precise and selective measurement of CDOM (coloured dissolved organic matter, chlorophyll A or phycocyanin in cyanobacteria.

Long-term stability of measurements is ensured by the combination of low power consumption and innovative coating of the optical window, as an energy efficient and environmentally friendly anti-fouling solution. The devices can be used in diverse applications for the monitoring of sea and river waters, as well as in drinking- and wastewater treatment systems. Internal reference signals of the high-performance LEDs used for fluorescence excitation compensate aging effects and temperature influences.

The sensor is made from stainless steel (Titanium optional for seawater applications) and digitally communicates with a transmitter providing a local display, user interface and outputs for connection to telemetry.

Analogue 4-20mA signals, alarm relays and Modbus RTU communications are available for reporting measurements and controlling external devices. The sensor may be supplied with an optional wiper system or an air blast to automatically clean the optical window.


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