Diesel Pumps

The Sykes range of general purpose and super silenced pumps has evolved from 150 years of pump manufacture and has become the industry standard for contractors, water companies and local agencies. Sykes Pumps use quality, tried and tested components, selected to ensure maximum reliability. Available in 50mm - 300mm bore sizes and typically rated between 5 - 500 Hp, the range can deliver flows of up to 415 L/s. Sykes Pumps are easy to maintain and provide hours of unattended operation on full or intermittent flows.

Diesel Pumps

Used wherever there is a need for automatic self-priming, the range incorporates the unique Sykes vacuum system, enabling pumps to prime and re-prime fully automatically from dry and operate on snore conditions (i.e. where suction intakes are intermittently exposed to atmosphere). The Sykes range is suitable for pumping water, sludge, sewage and slurry and is available with various engines, motors and chassis options. Also available is a wide range of hoses, accessories and fittings.

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