Biogas Upgrading

Traditionally biogas generated from anaerobic digestion facilities as been consumed in combined heat and power gas engines to recover renewable electricity, typically providing only 40% electrical efficiency. Doosan Enpure can provide, now tried and tested, technologies to purify biogas to a quality suitable for injection in to the national gas grid, or for use as vehicle fuels.

Biogas Upgrading

By selecting the most appropriate core upgrading technology for each specific projects requirements Doosan Enpure can ensure that each Client makes the most of their investment potential by maximising energy capture and the benefit of the Governments Renewable Heat Inventive.

Being core technology agnostic Doosan Enpure can select the optimum solution for each project whether that be through utilising a water wash technology, membranes, chemical scrubbing or pressure swing adsorption. Doosan Enpure will provide a full turnkey solution including the core upgrading technology but also the plethora of peripherals often overlooked including:

- biogas pre conditioning;

- off gas treatment;

- biomethane polishing;

- emergency flare system;

- waste water management;

- low medium or high gas grid pressure compression; 

- CV adjustment;

- grid injection point monitoring and metering.

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