Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)

Doosan Enpure engineers and delivers effective water supply solutions utilising both conventional and emerging technologies. We are continually developing our expertise and technologies to be able to meet the latest quality standards.

Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)

We have been at the forefront in being able to offer technologies that operate at high rate, reducing footprint and land requirements. Doosan Enpure introduced Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) into the UK in 1972. 

More recently we introduced Enflo-Vite(TM) which is part of the Enflo-DAF(TM) family.  This is another major breakthrough in process intensification which can be retrofitted to provide increased capacity from existing assets.  In contrast the Doosan Enpure Enflo-Filt(TM) was the forerunner of systems that combine flotation and filtration in a single process unit providing opportunities for further savings in plant footprint.  The Enflo-PI(TM) modular system provides effective distribution of saturated water to our latest patented DAF nozzles whilst being straight forward to install within DAF tanks up to 16m wide.

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