Farm Products Anaerobic Digestion

Renewable energy development via anaerobic digestion is seeing unprecedented growth in the UK farm sector, and Doosan Enpure can provide solutions for various feedstocks including purpose grown crops, grass, animal slurries and other organic farm wastes.

Farm Products Anaerobic Digestion

On such farm development projects we employ engineers who remain with Doosan Enpure dating back to the late 1980’s and early 1990’s where they led development of farm scale projects across the UK. These engineers ring decades of experience to all forms of anaerobic digestion infrastructure development with Doosan Enpure offering turnkey development of all necessary infrastructure including:

- silage clamps;

- automatic feeding systems;

- low profile digesters with gas store roof systems;

- purpose designed digester mixing systems; 

- biogas conditioning and handling;

- biogas utilisation through CHP or biomethane upgrading;

- digestate dewatering;

- whole or separated digestate storage;

- process water recycling and effluent treatment

- air handling, treatment and odour control (where required).


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