Food Waste Anaerobic Digestion

Whilst waste minimisation and re-distribution should be at the forefront of all stakeholders thinking, for un-avoidable food waste generated throughout the supply chain Doosan Enpure can offer cost effective anaerobic digestion infrastructure development to recover valuable green energy from these materials.

Food Waste Anaerobic Digestion

Drawing on over three decades of experience developing anaerobic digestion infrastructure, Doosan Enpure can employ the learning’s and know-how gathered across the development of over fifty industrial scale AD projects. Doosan Enpure can provide full turnkey development of plant wide systems including:

- innovative waste type specific feedstock pre-treatment;

- pasteurisation to meet PAS110 and ABPR requirements; 

- main digestion in steel or concrete digesters; 

- purpose designed digester mixing systems;

- biogas conditioning and handling;

- biogas utilisation through CHP or biomethane upgrading;

- digestate dewatering and storage;

- process water recycling and effluent treatment;

- air handling, treatment and odour control.


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