sonix (TM)

Doosan Enpure provide a wide range of sludge treatment processes to meet all legislative requirements as well as maximising the recovery of energy and other useful components of the sludge.

sonix (TM)

The Patented technology available from Doosan Enpure Ltd, that uses ultrasound
at 20kHz to enhance energy or product recovery from your organic sludge or other biological solids. Using cavitation to generate high temperatures and pressures to:
- Rupture cellular material,
- Solubilise organics,
- Improve availability of micronutrients
- Reduce particle sizes,
- Breakdown refractory organics,
- Enhance interaction between immiscible liquids.
- Accelerate rates of chemical reaction
- Thereby contributing to enhanced anaerobic digestion, reduced secondary sludge production, filamentous bulking and foaming control and biological nutrient removal enhancement.

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