CSO Screening & Treatment

Protect the environment by removing trash, solids and other damaging pollutants from combined sewer overflows.

CSO Screening & Treatment

Hydro-Static® Screen

Screen gross solids and floatables at CSO sites with infrequent overflows.

The Hydro-Static® Screen is available in two configurations, either as an Up-Flow screen or a weir-mounted Through-Flow screen. With no moving parts and flow-modifying components in the up-flow configuration to provide partial cleaning, maintenance is kept to a minimum. To protect against corrosion components are typically supplied in grade 304 stainless steel as standard, and the mesh screen panels are coated in a non-stick polymer to reduce blinding.

Hydro-Jet® Screen

Screen gross solids and floatables at small and medium-size CSO facilities.

The Hydro-Jet® Screen is a high-capacity combined sewer overflow (CSO) and wet weather screen that is both efficient and self-sufficient. Self-cleaning, with no moving parts and no power requirements, the Hydro-Jet® Screen provides screening at high hydraulic throughput in a small footprint, reducing site space requirements and maintenance costs.


Screen CSO flows in a small footprint, maintaining high treatment efficiency even under surcharged and submerged conditions.

The Heliscreen® is a compact, powered combined sewer overflow and wet weather screening system that screens trash, gross solids and floatables with high efficiency under high flow, surcharged and submerged conditions.

With low headloss, a small footprint and minimal maintenance requirements, the Heliscreen® is ideal for retrofit installations with hydraulic or physical site constraints.

Storm King®

Prevent 100% of CSO floatables and gross solids and 95% of CSO grit and sediment from reaching the environment.

The Storm King® is an advanced hydrodynamic vortex separator and screen that delivers exceptional removal of TSS, BOD and other materials at combined sewer overflow sites, preventing damaging pollutants from reaching the environment.

Non-powered and self-cleansing, the Storm King® is ideal for satellite treatment at overflow sites and has been shown to reduce project costs by up to 50% compared to conventional technologies.


• Floatables control, sedimentation and disinfection of CSOs
• New satellite CSO facilities and upgrades to existing CSO facilities
• Treatment of excess stormwater flows at WWTPs
• Stormwater treatment at centralised stormwater treatment plants
• Combined sedimentation, screening and disinfection

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