Flood Prevention and Stormwater Management

Control runoff and capture stormwater pollutants to prevent flooding and damage to the environment with our range of Stormwater management solutions. Our products can be used as stand-alone solutions or in conjunction with other SuDS features to protect, improve and enhance amenity and biodiversity value.

Flood Prevention and Stormwater Management

Control Flows with the Hydro-Brake® Flow Control series of precision-engineered devices.

The Hydro-Brake® Flow Control Series

Hydro’s Hydro-Brake® Flow Control Series is a comprehensive and versatile toolbox of precision-engineered devices for managing surface water, watercourse and foul/combined sewer flows.

These controls can help:
• Deliver compliant schemes with scalable, precision flow control performance.
• Precisely balance flow rates and upstream storage requirements on every project.
• Save land-take and costs with optimised flow control performance.



Hydro-Brake® Flood

Protect homes, businesses and infrastructure from flooding.

Hydro-Brake® Flood provides large-scale protection at the watercourse level, preventing costly damage and disruption to residents, businesses and essential services.

Hydro-Brake® Flood Alleviation is a highly sustainable, precision-engineered vortex flow control that provides large-scale protection at the watercourse level. It prevents flooding by holding back excess waters in temporary flood storage areas.

Suitability: For watercourses; flood storage reservoirs
Flow Range (l/s): 550 – 12,000 *
* Higher flows and heads possible.

Read how Hydro-Brake® Flood protects over 600 properties in Wigan, cutting flood risk to 1% and watch a video of the system in action

Hydro-Brake® Optimum

Manage low, moderate and high flows to deliver sustainable drainage from single sites to large networks.

The Hydro-Brake® Optimum vortex flow control provides customised water quantity management for surface, foul or combined water across a wide range of flows and for a variety of applications.

Suitability: Most sites, from very low to very high flow rates.
Flow Range (l/s): 0.7 – 550 *
* Lower flows possible.

Find out how Hydro-Brake® Optimum helped Cornwall Council solve a car park flooding problem

Hydro-Brake® Agile

Reduce upstream storage and manage flood risk at sites with stringent discharge consents where space for on-site attenuation is at a premium.

Hydro-Brake® Agile is a float-operated flow control, the only design that achieves a constant rate of discharge and therefore the minimum possible upstream storage.

Suitability: Constrained sites with stringent discharge consents.
Flow Range (l/s): 4.5 – 100

Hydro-Brake® Orifice

Manage moderate flows and deliver sustainable drainage at site and development level.

The Hydro-Brake® Orifice is a precision-cut, sharp-edged orifice plate flow control, that delivers cost-effective, precise flow control.

Suitability: Unconstrained sites with generous discharge consents.
Flow Range (l/s): 2.5 – 100

Store or Infiltrate Stormwater with our modular, load-bearing systems

Stormbloc® *

Store and infiltrate surface water and stormwater with easy-access inspection.

Stormbloc® is a modular geocellular structure that provides below-ground storage and infiltration of stormwater and surface water. It is lightweight but extremely strong and durable, making it an ideal solution for use beneath areas such as roads, car parks and warehouse yards.

Only Stormbloc® provides underground stormwater storage with a patented integral tunnel to allow easy access for CCTV inspection and maintenance.

*only available in the United Kingdom


Store and infiltrate surface water and stormwater even on difficult or irregular sites.

Stormcell® is a high-capacity, low-maintenance modular stormwater and surface water storage system that can be customised to suit shallow, deep or irregular sites. Its flexible modular structure is light but strong, making it ideal for use beneath areas such as roads, car parks and industrial areas.

With a design that ensures that solids are washed through the pipework rather than into the storage area, the system requires very little maintenance.

Find out how Stormbloc® and Stormcell® helped retain Grade II listed park landscaping whilst preventing flooding in Southwark, South London.

*only available in the United Kingdom

Stormwater Treatment

Capture and retain surface water pollution before it reaches the environment

The Hydro StormTrain® Series of surface water treatment devices

The Hydro StormTrain® Series is an unrivalled toolbox for reliable surface water treatment in Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS).

The Series comprises four products, First Defense®, Downstream Defender®, The Up-Flo™ Filter and Hydro Biofilter™, that can be used independently or in combination to deliver a Treatment Train that meets the water quality stipulations of a site. They can also be used to protect, enhance or enable natural SuDS features.

Each device delivers proven, measurable performance that saves on construction and maintenance costs.

First Defense®

Capture and retain stormwater sediment, litter and floatables in a unit that saves site space and adapts to smaller or logistically difficult site locations.

First Defense® is a versatile stormwater separator that works with single and multiple inlet pipes and inlet grates. It is easily maintained from the surface by standard vacuum tanker.

Targeted Pollutants
• Coarse and fine particles
• Liquid and sediment bound hydrocarbons
• Litter and floatables.

Downstream Defender®

Capture and retain sediment, oils and floatables from stormwater runoff over a wide range of flows in a small footprint.

Downstream Defender® is an advanced hydrodynamic vortex separator that provides impressive and reliable removals of sediments, oil and floatables from stormwater runoff.

The Downstream Defender® offers long maintenance intervals and consolidates pollutant removal to a single point in the drainage system.

Targeted Pollutants
• Fine particles
• Floatable debris
• Liquid and sediment bound hydrocarbons
• Sediment bound heavy metals
• Sediment bound nutrients

Up-Flo™ Filter

Capture sediment, oils, heavy metals and nutrients from stormwater, reduce stormwater treatment footprint and cut maintenance costs.

The Up-Flo™ Filter is an advanced stormwater treatment solution that combines sedimentation and screening with fluidised bed filtration to deliver exceptional surface water pollution removal.

Targeted Pollutants
• Very fine particles
• Trash and floatables
• Liquid and sediment bound hydrocarbons
• Sediment bound heavy metals
• Sediment bound nutrients

Hydro Biofilter™*

Remove sediment, trash, oil, dissolved metals and nutrients from surface runoff using the natural power of biofiltration.

Hydro Biofilter™ combines the simplicity of SuDS with the sophistication of smart engineering in a biofiltration system that uses soil and filter media to treat an assortment of coarse, fine and dissolved pollutants from surface runoff, even during high flows.

Easy, economical installation and maintenance makes the Hydro Biofilter™ an attractive and flexible treatment option that adapts to a variety of site conditions.

Targeted Pollutants
• Very fine particles
• Trash and floatables
• Dissolved, liquid and sediment bound hydrocarbons
• Sediment bound heavy metals
• Sediment bound nutrients
• Dissolved pollutants

*only available in the United Kingdom

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