Hydrometry & Monitoring

Our smart water monitoring products provide real-time, real-world insight into environmental, network and system conditions, improving incident response, planning and asset management activities.

Hydrometry & Monitoring

Data loggers

Data loggers are the front end of a Smart Monitoring system, collecting the data, temporarily storing it and either transmitting it or making it available for download. They may be operated manually or automatically, though their real value comes when installed in a remote site and configured to transmit data autonomously to a telemetry or data management system.

Hydro-Logic® Level Logger

Gather accurate water level data to enable flood warning, hydrometric data analysis and climate change monitoring.

The Hydro-Logic® Level Logger is an accurate, reliable data logger ideally suited to ongoing remote capture of water level data, enabling engineers, municipal organisations and consultants to carry out critical flood mitigation, water resource planning and long-term environmental research activities.

Get early warning of flood events

When paired with a telemetry system for alarm message forwarding the Hydro-Logic® Level Logger provides early warning of floods and other key events, providing responders with a vital head start to conduct mitigation procedures, provide warnings and carry out evacuation and protection activities.
Capturing water level data in real time—at intervals as low as 10s— the Hydro-Logic® Level Logger provides the data necessary to generate automated warnings and alerts for situations including:

• High river flood level
• Storage tank level - high or low
• High CSO level
• Blockage at culvert trash screen

Hydro-Logic® Flow Logger

Get reliable water flow data to enable effective water resources management, hydraulic analysis and flow control monitoring.

The Hydro-Logic® Flow Logger is a precision flow meter that delivers spot or continuous flow monitoring of rivers, streams, sewers and other bodies of moving water, helping engineers to understand water flow in natural and built environments and make better design, upgrade, asset management and planning decisions.

Hydro-Logic® Weather Logger

Get critical early warning of flood events and monitor climate change.

The Hydro-Logic® Weather Logger is a robust, remote weather monitoring system that provides real-time information about rainfall and other climatic conditions.

Get urgent early warning of flood conditions

Sending automatic alerts when a predetermined trigger point is reached, the Hydro-Logic® Weather Logger is an upstream monitor that uses upstream conditions to provide early warning of downstream flooding.

Hydro-Logic® Flexi Logger

Gather hydrometric, environmental and climate data with complete flexibility.

The Hydro-Logic® Flexi Logger works with any compatible sensor to provide businesses and public organisations with data to power effective event monitoring and early warning, long-term monitoring, analysis and forecasting.

Hydro-Logic® Timeview

Automatically process and manage hydrometric data to provide alarms and early warning of flood events and other environmental risk factors.

Hydro-Logic® Timeview provides automatic wireless receipt of data from remote sensors, triggering automated flood event alarms, providing short-term data storage and enabling data visualisation and initial analysis.

Hydro-Logic® Timeview DBi

Store, manipulate, analyse and report on hydrometric and climate data.

Hydro-Logic® Timeview DBi is a streamlined online database for long-term data warehousing of hydrometric, climate and environmental data, equipping you with analysis tools to help you derive meaningful, actionable insights from that data.

AQUARIUS Time-Series *

Perform complex analysis, manipulation and reporting of environmental and climate data.

AQUARIUS Time-Series is a comprehensive storage, manipulation and analysis database optimised for use with a range of hydrometric, climate and environmental data sources.
* Only available in the United Kingdom.


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