Stormwater Storage and Infiltration

Hydro International's Stormbloc® and Stormcell® systems provide underground infiltration and storage attenuation for stormwater / surface water. Where space is at a premium, both systems can be used to provide additional capacity to smaller sized biofilters, swales or ponds. Regulation of flow is usually provided by a Hydro-Brake® Flow Control.

Stormwater Storage and Infiltration


Stormcell® - High Strength Modular System Ideal for Installation Beneath Trafficked Areas

Stormcell® is a cost-effective, versatile modular stormwater storage system providing an environmentally sustainable and economically viable alternative to soft SUDS solutions.

Virtually maintenance free and more effective than conventional systems, Stormcell® is a high capacity stormwater storage system which can be designed to suit shallow, deep or irregular site requirements. For more information …


Modular and flexible.
High structural integrity - suitable for installation below roads, car parks and amenity areas.
Patented silt prevention system.
Woven geotextile on the top and bottom of each block prevents intrusion of fines.
Simple and quick to install.
Shallow 120 mm deep blocks available.
Stormcell® is manufactured using recycled plastic.

Storage and Infiltration

Stormbloc® - Modular System with Integral Patented Maintenance / Inspection Tunnel

Stormbloc® is a cellular block type structure used predominantly for providing below ground surface water infiltration and soakaway systems. The unique advantage of Stormbloc® over other ‘crate’ type systems on the market is the patented inspection / maintenance tunnel through each block providing access for CCTV and maintenance equipment allowing the system to be viewed and maintained.

The modular blocks make Stormbloc® quick and easy to install in almost any situation including industrial and commercial projects as well as residential developments, SUDS schemes and conveyance applications. Strong enough to withstand traffic loads, Stormbloc® can be installed under roads, parking areas, driveways and landscaped areas without additional protection. For more information …


Fully accessible for inspection and maintenance through patented 222mm x 570 mm tunnels within the blocks.

High void ratio (95%) - high storage volume (an 800 mm x 800 mm x 660mm block holds 0.401 m3 of stormwater).

Lightweight with high strength.

Strong enough to be used under trafficked areas including roads and HGV areas.

Delivery - generally 1-2 weeks.

Simple and quick to install.

Shallower 350 mm deep blocks also available.

Stormbloc® is manufactured using recycled plastic.

Stormbloc® Inspect - A New Dimension to Geocellular Storage

Stormbloc® Inspect offers an unrivalled level of accessibility to any Stormbloc® installation. This modular access chamber, sited within the tank, has identical dimensions to a Stormbloc® module and so can easily be incorporated into the layout of the infiltration or storage system.

Each Stormbloc® Inspect offers connection points on all four sides for direct access to the inspection tunnels on the Stormbloc® modules or for connection of inlet and outlet pipes to the system at any point. For more information …

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