The New Hydro-Brake Optimum from Hydro International

The Hydro-Brake Optimum®, used to control the flow of water to prevent upstream and downstream flooding, has been launched by Hydro International. Hydro-Brake Optimum®, the latest generation of Hydro-Brake® Flow Controls, is the culmination of over 30 years of research and development in vortex technology. With the Hydro-Brake Optimum® Hydro International can now offer more choice and flexibility to the engineer.

The New Hydro-Brake Optimum  from Hydro International

Hydro-Brake Optimum®

Flow Control

The Hydro-Brake Optimum® dispenses with the need to choose from a range of sizes and types and instead offers engineers the flexibility to size each unit for absolute fit and performance.

Unlike other vortex flow controls, the Hydro-Brake Optimum® adds a new level of customisation; the inlet, the volute and the outlet are all independently configurable.  This allows engineers to have complete freedom in defining the response characteristic leading up to the specified design point, resulting in up to a 15% reduction in surface water storage volumes compared to other vortex flow controls.

The Hydro-Brake Optimum® has been independently certified by both the BBA and WRc giving engineers and adopting bodies confidence in both the performance characteristics of the device along with the durability/ longevity of the product itself.

Surface Water Applications
- Stormwater attenuation / storage schemes.
- Source Control.
- Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS).
- Retrofit SuDS applications.
- Flood prevention.
- Blue roofs.
- Foul / combined application
- Wastewater treatment plants.
- Foul / combined sewer.
- Sewer risk management.

Key Benefits of the Hydro-Brake Optimum® include:

Unique tailoring of the full response characteristics of the devices to give the very best vortex based solution to any flow control requirement.
Outperforms other vortex flow controls by offering up to 15% reduction in upstream storage, significantly reducing capital expense.
Outlets (clearances) up to 20% larger, minimising the risk of blockage and future maintenance costs.
Design and performance independently accredited by both BBA and WRc, giving total confidence in product reliability and operation.
Option to include adjustable intake to allow for up to 20% adjustment of the flow, future proofing in case of site modification or climate changes.
A range of time saving installation options to simplify construction.
Accepted by water companies and local authorities across the UK and Ireland.

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