Ethylene Oxide, (EtO abator) - EtO Emission control

LESNI introduced key control loops to improve their "state of the art" balancer & catalytic abator solution for treating all ethylene oxide toxic vent emissions from the sterilisation process of medical devices.

Ethylene Oxide, (EtO abator) - EtO Emission control

The Balancer-Catalytic abator system uses the proven technology of catalytic oxidation to offer a safe and controlled purification, but with high destruction efficiency exceeding 99.95 % for all process emission vents; including the vacuum pump exhaust/sterilizer, and all other fugitive exhaust air generated during the sterilization process from degassing cells and/or aeration rooms.

The LESNI unique and safe system has two steps:

In the first step a closed system with no waste "water balancer" is used to dampen the peaks and expected variations in the incoming quantity of ethylene oxide from the vacuum pumps. Such that when incoming concentrations of EtO are high, the balancer will serve as an absorber; and when incoming concentrations of EtO are low a unique but controlled mode of stripping will commence, thus providing a constant but continuous VOC load to the catalytic abator in a safe and efficient manner to reduce running cost. 

The second step of the plant is the catalytic ABATOR itself, where the EtO is converted into CO2 and H2O at very low temperature, encouraged by the special catalyst used.

The energy needed for preheating the air can be provided through a gas burner or flameless electric heater or steam battery.

The energy costs are substantially reduced by the incorporation of a high efficient recuperative heat exchanger. The automated plant is operated via HMI touch panel which also include remote operation and support from our service technician team.

The ethylene oxide abatement plant will be designed to obtain the purification required by the local authorities (currently as low as 0.5 mg/m3) with the highest degree of security and efficiency.

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