Fridge Demanufacturing & Recycling - Purification of CFC & cyclo-pentane

LESNI combined CFC recovery plant provides the ultimate solution for "WEEE" and the treatment of Ozone depleting substances generated from demanufacturing and recycling process of fridge freezers to the highest levels of recovery that any other technology can provide. Furthermore, the well proven technology offers the only complete solution for the safe conversion of "ODS" as refrigerants found in foam as blowing agents or in cooling compressors like R11, R12, R22, R141b, R134a and other refrigerants; as well as other flammable hydrocarbon refrigerants such as cyclopentane, IsoButene that are used in modern fridges. The system meets all highest standards for emission and recovery while eliminating generation of any waste.

Fridge Demanufacturing & Recycling - Purification of CFC & cyclo-pentane

The LESNI flagship solution utilizes several purification stages to secure safe and controlled catalytic hydrolysis of CFC and treating efficiently of byproducts of the this cracking process.
The combined solution provides a compact, favorable and economical solution for on site purification of all fugitive emissions from the fridge freezers recycling and demanufacturing process; thus reducing waste, disposal of liquid coolant, and operating cost.

This proven and developed technology has been successfully in operation for several years, where it is used to purify exhaust air containing R11, R12, R22 cyclo -pentane and other ODS (Ozone depleting substances). The mixture of organic and non-organic gases, formed during the mechanical pulverization and recovery of blowing agent from the foam & insulation material off fridge and freezers are purified to the highest levels meeting International and European standards for air emission limits, with efficiency of recovery above 99%.

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