Odour control & VOC abatement

LESNI supplies many technologies for VOC and odour control; generally the systems are developed for specific application where know-how and process innovation are guaranteed. The regenerative thermal oxidiser system developed here demonstrate innovative approach to treat waste gas from sludge drying, pet food and animal feed byproduct, or fish and meat rendering applications. The final result is a clean and pure air from the processing plants with no further odours emanating from the buildings or the process, whilst reducing running cost and eliminating secondary waste effluents.

Odour control & VOC abatement

The two step recovery system developed offers a compact,?favorable?and not least economical solution for on site purification of noxious emissions and?odors?associated with this type of processes, used successfully in meat rendering, animal byproduct and ?fish oil/fish meal industries.

Lesni expertise in waste recyling and handling did not come out of the blue. The company, with main engineering office in Billund, Denmark has long history of delivering abatement and air purification solutions; covering chemcial scrubbing, activated carbon adsorption, catalytic and thermal oxidation for a number of industries.

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