Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser (RTO)- VOC abatement technology

LESNI has extensive experience of design, manufacture and supply of process waste air thermal oxidisers, or catalytic abators which safely and effectively destroy waste off-gases and VOC emissions from a diverse range of industries. This includes design and supply of turnkey packages based on either two or three bed chamber oxidisers, as well as waste to energy incinerators. The range includes also; Recuperative thermal oxidisers, Catalytic thermal oxidisers, Regenerative Thermal oxidisers, Concentrators, SCR DeNOx systems.

Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser (RTO)- VOC abatement technology

The thermal oxidizers use the principle of thermal combustion to convert airborne volatile organic compounds (VOC) into carbon dioxide and water vapor.The purification expected to exceed 99+%, with very little consumption of energy, due to the high thermal efficiency and heat recovery of the system.

Furthermore, all oxidizers are of very robust construction with only few moving components.

The "RTO"- Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer combines very efficient regenerative heat recovery with high VOC destruction and control. Very often the heat from the combustion of the solvents in the vertical chamber is sufficient to provide the necessary energy for the process to continue without any additional fuel consumption.

The thermal and catalytic oxidizers will always be designed to obtain the purification target required by the authorities with the highest degree of security and efficiency.

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