VOC Purification - 3 Canister - Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser

LESNI Air Purification Engineering, has successfully completed the installation of another 3 canister - Regenerative thermal oxidizer offering high level of efficiency and thermal recovery.

VOC Purification - 3 Canister - Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser

The system incorporated the use of special alloys to handle potential variation in solvent usage and to offer flexibility and safety in treatment of both liquid and aerial effluent.
While the oxidizer was specifically used to treat all aerial extract emissions from the production buildings , other dryers and vacuum processes are also connected and purified.

Intermittent release of high levels of volatile organic compounds from various processes and steps during production of fine chemicals and pharmaceutical active ingredients is a common issue with such applications.

The well improved solution provided a compact, favourable and proprietary design for the valve housing to ensure reliability, safety and performance associated with such multiple manufacturing process.

LESNI expertise in air pollution control and purification did not come out of the blue. The Danish company who in UK & Ireland operates from a subsidiary in the West Midlands has a long history of delivering abatement and air purification solutions; covering main technologies for filtration, chemical scrubbing, carbon adsorption and solvent recovery, catalytic and thermal oxidation in a number of industries.

In fact any processing or manufacturing industry is a potential user of LESNI air purification solutions, with the pharmaceutical, food industry, waste processing and recycling as well as the chemical industry being their core costumer groups.

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