WPL Hybrid SAF

The unique above ground Hybrid SAF modules are manufactured, engineered and wet tested in a quality controlled environment at the WPL factory, reducing onsite installation time and health and safety risk.

WPL Hybrid SAF

Units for international export are built to a standard size to fit five units in to a 40ft (12m) shipment container and two units in to a 20ft (6m) shipment container.
All Hybrid SAF’s are built with a combination of GRP (glass reinforced plastic) and galvanised steel or stainless steel structural ‘exoskeleton’, the units provide in excess of the UK water industry standard requirements of 25 years life.

Meeting site specifications
WPL recognise every site is different and each utility has its own demanding requirements to meet AMP 6 targets.  Using our innovative Hybrid SAF treatment plant, guarantees environmental compliance and is easily adapted to changing regulations and contributing to reduction in whole life costs.  
The plant is suitable for permanent or temporary applications, with a number of different hire and purchase options to meet customer requirement.

 Reduced Civil Costs and On-Site Installation
Overcomes Restrictive Access
Flexible and Scalable options
Energy Efficiency
Moveable Asset
Reducing Delivery Cost
Robust Process Design
Reduced Maintenance Costs
Use BIM Work Flow Principle

 Long Life Tank

More information on the WPL Hybrid SAF webpage

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