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The need to operate in a sustainable fashion provides the modern wastewater treatment plant with a unique challenge. Reducing costs whilst fulfilling ever stricter discharge consents, even in the event of sudden load peaks, is key.

Are you are interested in potential savings for phosphate elimination, nitrification/de-nitrification or sludge thickening, check out our Optimisation Savings Tool.

Simply answer six quick questions in our Potential Savings Tool and view your result straight away!

W.T.O.S. delivers savings from day one
Wastewater treatment plants must not only treat wastewater but also work cost-eff ectively. With the soaring cost of energy and chemicals, coupled with ever increasing pressure to fi nd sustainable solutions, saving money whilst maintaining compliance is becoming more and more diffi cult.

W.T.O.S. meets these needs with low cost solutions and provides simple integration, delivering cost reductions from the start. Comprehensive control strategies ensure longterm savings, whilst ensuring plant compliance and stability.

Phosphate elimination with load based precipitant dosing
With the HACH LANGE P-RTC (real time controller) you can be sure to maintain phosphorous effluent limit compliance whilst improving your plant's efficiency.

The P-RTC ensures stable effluent values even under peak load conditions. Flow and phosphate concentration are constantly measured, precipitant dosing is adjusted according to the actual load ensuring compliance while at the same time reducing precipitant costs.

Nitrification / Denitrification
With the HACH LANGE N/DN-RTC (real time controller) you can ensure nitrogen effluent limit compliance while at the same time improving your plant's efficiency.

The N/DN-RTC can deliver full control of the aeration process even under peak load conditions. Multiple parameters such as ammonia, nitrate and dissolved oxygen are constantly measured to tightly control the aeration process, thereby ensuring compliance and reducing energy costs.

Sludge Thickening
The HACH LANGE ST-RTC (real time controller) enables you to improve your plant's operational reliability regarding sludge thickening and sludge digestion.

The ST-RTC is an open and closed loop control unit for the optimisation of polymer dosage in mechanical sludge thickening. It keeps the desired dry solids content in the thickened sludge at a constant level, resulting in improved operational stability of sludge thickening - a requirement for an optimal gas yield.

With W.T.O.S. modules for process optimisation, these requirements can now be fulfilled:
•Improved stable plant operation and compliance
•Increased plant reliability
•Reduced chemical and energy consumption
•No added building work or construction needed
•Quick implementation
•Quality solutions come as standard

The standardised W.T.O.S. modules optimise wastewater treatment plants of any size as they can be arranged in a customised manner for all requirements. Standard interfaces allow for smooth integration into existing systems. Commissioning is simple and fast, ensuring reliable project implementation.

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